Pawan Kalyan Fans RRR In MumbaiPawan Kalyan’s fans and followers have made it a habit to create ruckus at movie events by shouting ‘Power Star’, and related slogans. While they see it as a way of expressing their love towards their favorite actor, their behavior often irritates other heroes. It is okay if Pawan’s fans shout these slogans at Pawan’s film events, but the problem is that they continue to show their over-enthusiasm at other heroes’ film events as well.

Now, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are receiving flak for their overaction at RRR’s pre-release event that is going on in Mumbai now. At RRR’s event venue, Pawan’s fans are spotted shouting ‘Babulake Babu Kalyan Babu’ slogans.

Team RRR permitted Jr NTR and Ram Charan’s fans to the event. But somehow, a few of Pawan’s fans have sneaked through and they are showing their love towards Pawan Kalyan in the most unpleasant way possible.

Usually, we see Pawan’s fans irking everyone with their over-the-top fanism in the twin Telugu states. In the past, even mega heroes were seen getting frustrated at PK’s fans for their overaction. This time around, they are creating a ruckus at RRR’s event in Mumbai and this doesn’t send the right reverberation to the local crowds and the media. Pawan’s fans are often subject to criticism for their acts but they never seem to change.

RRR is tipped to be the film to bring two fan bases together, but this kind of over-the-top antics from Pawan’s fans doesn’t help the cause one bit.