Pawan -KalyanFilm and Political commentator Kathi Mahesh passed away the other day after two weeks of struggle in a hospital after a road accident. Actress Poonam Kaur made shocking allegation on Kathi after the news of his Demise came out.

“I just died every day bit by bit for no mistake of mine and I had no Idea why I deserved all that happened with me but some where in the corner of my heart ❤️ it said ‘a dalit was misused by a political party luring him to give a seat against a defamtion’. May your soul rest in peace !! Om shanthi !!! I decided I will never take the name !!!,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

The actress referring to the controversial episode where Kathi linked Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur. He also claimed to have videos of them together. What comes as a surprise is her claim that a political party luring him with a seat to malign their characters.

Kathi Mahesh is an active Supporter of YSR Congress and the government recently also gave him a financial aid to meet the hospital expenses. So, social media is rife with rumors that it was YSR Congress which bribed Kathi to malign Pawan Kalyan’s Character.

Back then, Pawan Kalyan Fans blamed Chandrababu Naidu for this episode but realized it late now. They worked against TDP and played a part in the Cycle party’s defeat. There are instances of Pawan Kalyan Fans preferring YSR Congress over Janasena to defeat Chandrababu.