Choreographer - Ganesh MasterBheemla Nayak made fans of Pawan Kalyan happy. But there is one aspect which fans have been complaining about and we already have brought it to your notice. It is nothing but the title song of Bheemla Nayak which was shot in a disappointing manner.

The song was choreographed by Ganesh Master and he has been receiving flack for his composition and using actors like Hyper Adi, Sunil, and Saptagiri in the song. If this was not enough, the news now is that Ganesh Master will himself choreograph the intro song of Pawan Kalyan from Harish Shankar’s film.

Ever since this news has come out, fans are upset that Ganesh master would kill this number too. So many comments are being posted online and some fans are even requesting Harish Shankar to look at other options and bring a dance master more experienced.

Harish Shankar’s film is a social drama and there will not be much dancing but still, fans are not happy with the choice of Ganesh Master as he killed a super hit song with his poor choreography.