Pawan Kalyan Energy Levels Trolled Big TimeLike many politicians who tend to begin their political yatra from an auspicious place, Pawan Kalyan started his padayatra climbing Tirupathi steps on foot. There are 3500 steps approximately and those who aren’t used to this kind of traveling will take at least 6 hours to climb the steps.

Pawan Kalyan’s pics from the padayatra had come out. He was obviously tired after climbing the steps and one can see him sweating profusely and sitting in a reclining position. Guess who was quick enough to troll Pawan Kalyan’s tired looks and laugh at the actor tunes politician’s energy levels?

RGV shared the pic saying it was power star’s powerful example of his powerful energy. One can understand the satire behind his tweet. For politicians, it’s common to take up such padayatra and travel long distances. Pawan Kalyan is a neo politician who is an actor turned politician and it takes time to get used to the sweat.