Pawan Kalyan Embarrassed ChiranjeeviPawan Kalyan was really aggressive while speaking at the pre-release event of Republic. He bombarded the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh YSRC with his verbal attack.

Speaking about the restrictions imposed on theatrical industry by the YCP government, Pawan urged cine fraternity to speak out against the government. He even gave a fiery advice to his brother Chiranjeevi, who recently requested Telugu states CMs to understand Tollywood’s plight and do the needful.

“Chiranjeevi recently requested the government to help the industry. Why should one request for something that is their right to have? Start questioning and demanding for what is rightfully ours,” Pawan said. In a way, Pawan embarrassed Chiranjeevi by implying that he unnecessarily requested the government regarding the plight of Tollywood.

“A minister said there is brotherly relationship between Jagan and Chiranjeevi. What is the use of this senseless brotherly relationship when one doesn’t help the other when it is needed the most?” Pawan stated.

Adding further, Pawan urged the government to obstruct his films if they have a problem with him, but urged those involved not to trouble the Telugu film industry.

“Don’t stretch anything beyond its threshold, there will be repercussions,” Pawan asserted multiple time during his 1-hour speech.

“This is not YCP Republic. This is India Republic. If the YCP government doesn’t sort out the issue, we know how to deal with it.”

There might be some serious repercussions following Pawan’s speech now. The YCP government is likely to retaliate and trouble the Telugu film industry further.