Pawan Kalyan in his first political speech launching Jana Sena spared none who had commented him from the day it was announced that Pawan Kalyan would be coming to politics. He attacked everyone one by one first by mentioning the exact words said on him and then giving a counter response. One among those was V Hanumantha Rao who has commented that Pawan Kalyan with three marriages isn’t ideal for politics and stay away from it.

Pawan Kalyan in response said that would it be okay if someone married once and had flirtations with many others hinting at some friends of V Hanumantha Rao. Even better would be probably a person like Rahul Gandhi who hasn’t married at all, but is he a virgin, questioned the actor in a satirical way intended at V Hanumantha Rao. The actor put an end to this tirade by saying that one shouldn’t target someone personally it must be done purely on the political grounds. If anyone especially from Congress targets personally, the respond would be in similar fashion, concluded the Jana Sena party leader.