Pawan- Kalyan - DirectorsIt’s a dream for many directors to make a film with a reigning superstar. But in Tollywood, there’s one star; any director who makes a film with him turns jobless. Yes, it’s none other than Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan is a huge star, and many technicians and directors look up to him as an inspiration and have come into the industry to work with him. But unfortunately, for the last few years, any director who makes a film with Pawan Kalyan gets no work after that film.

Recent examples are Dolly (Katamarayudu), Venu Sriram (Vakeel Saab), and Saagar K Chandra (Bheemla Nayak). After working with Pawan, they have no films on their hand right now. Venu Sriram was supposed to make ICON with Allu Arjun, but that is put on the backburner as Bunny is in no mood to work with a medium-scale director. Saagar K Chandra is also looking for a producer to make a film with him. It’s the same story with Dolly.

The industry insiders say that except for getting the tag of working with Pawan Kalyan, these films have done no good for these directors. Next in line are Krish and Harish Shankar.

Let’s hope the industry recognizes the talent and potential of these promising directors.