pawan-kalyan-covering-walls-of-his-house-with-paintingsAs of now, Pawan Kalyan’s day and night are spent on only one thing and that is obviously ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ which will release on 8th April. His room in Film Nagar is said to be covered with paintings of the sets from his film. Why?

He is calling for sketching the sets of the film whenever he gets a new thought and also himself involved in sketching his thoughts regarding the characters in the movie. So he is making sure that everything comes out as he has visualised in his thoughts.

The paintings on his walls give him the idea of the set on which he is going to shoot and how things are placed to give a perfect visual about a scene to be shot. That means Pawan is occupied with only CGS and what is presently in his mind is about is, his story, sets and characters. Nothing else!