Pawan Kalyan causes a major shock to fans!

Usually the fans of Pawan Kalyan are ardent followers of their favourite actor, there are very rare instances in which they disapprove of his decisions. But Pawan Kalyan’s recent decision of entrusting the direction of Gabbar Singh-2 in the hands of Sampath Nandi is widely criticized. They say Gabbar Singh is big success as Harish Shankar identified the strengths of the actor and utilized him perfectly. Sampath Nandi’s Racha they feel is a mediocre film which went on well at the box office due to no competition period.

They strike off Sampath Nandi saying he is still not qualified to direct Pawan Kalyan and are hoping that this combination does not materialize some how. We will have to see if Pawan Kalyan listen to their pleas.