Pawan Kalyan Brings Down Industry's Hopes Crashing With One Speech!Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is the Chief Guest for Sai Dharam Tej‘s Republic Pre-Release Event. His presence was supposed to help Republic in promotion in the SDT’s absence but it has done more harm to the movie and also the Telugu film industry as a whole.

Pawan Kalyan delivered a completed political speech lambasting the Government on the Ticket Rates issue. He called Minister Perni Nani as Sannasi and the Chief Minister as Criminal Politician. He did not spare any issue even talked about the scandals of the ministers.

He did not even spare Chiranjeevi and other industry biggies who are trying to be nice to the Government to get the work done. The speech has got claps and whistles from the fans in the auditorium and on social media. But the repercussions of this speech are going to be really serious for the industry.

The industry has been struggling to get the appointment of the Chief Minister for six months to get the issue resolved. After a lot of struggle, there are indications that the issue may get resolved from October 1st. In all probability, it will be postponed indefinitely now.

The fans who are cheering the speech from galleries do not understand basic politics. The Government which is known for its vendetta politics will showcase a new high in that. Pawan Kalyan who delivered a fiery speech will go back to doing films. His next movie release is only for Sankranthi 2022.

He will get busy with shootings for the next few months and will not be seen anywhere else. Producers and exhibitors who have already suffered enough will have to face the brunt of the issue. Pawan Kalyan has harmed the same industry people and their families whom he alleged YSR Congress Government has troubled.

In one of his films, there is a dialogue something like ‘Ekkada Neggalo Kadhu Ekkada Thaggalo Thelisinavaadu Goppudu’. Pawan Kalyan has forgotten that when it is most needed.