Pawan-KalyanPawan Kalyan has his own style in making a buzz in politics with his controversial comments. Now he came up with something on his own kin of the Telugu industry which is filled with Mega members.

The star was a chief guest at an event held in Tirupati felicitating the Telugu literature intellects and spoke about how our generations are ditching our own language for the foreign one.

He disgusted the idea of making our school English medium and not teaching Telugu and also pulled his own kin, Telugu heroes from the industry into the debate saying even most of our Telugu heroes live and make money on Telugu industry but do not know to speak or pronounce the Telugu language properly.

He thinks that is the reason why our industry has lost to use the skill of literature for films like they used to but got confined to dirty language and abusive words to create comedy. Well, all sounds great but whom is he pointing to? is what the question is because most of them are from the Mega family that even Pawan himself is from.