Pawan Kalyan MaheshCurrently the most popular and leading stars of Telugu cinema, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Superstar Mahesh Babu are also the industry’s most shy and laziest stars when it comes to active participation for any cause related to the industry. We have discussed about this issue previously where many agreed with us that they should be more active and be the face of the industry.

Now the latest reason for disappointment is that even the programme that they were supposed to do as part of the Memu Saitham event is reportedly not going to be a live one. It will apparently be recorded prior to the event and will be shown on the day along with various other programmes that involves celebrity participation.

When the event was announced many expected them to lead but that did not happen. Later many expected them to at least be part of the dinner, a grand gala dinner is being arranged with star participation, but these two stars are not going to be part of it. After all these disappointments when the news about a special programme involving the two came many were happy and relieved. Once again with this revelation of it being pre-recorded, fans of the stars have gone silent with nothing to say.

It is very rarely that the entire industry comes together, surely it would have been wonderful to have everyone participate in it. Can there be any last minute surprise?