Ram Charan RRR - Pawan Kalyan Bheemla Nayak - Varun Tej GhaniStarting this December, Mega heroes will be coming out with their respective film releases beginning from Allu Arjun’s Pushpa. Then comes Ghani (December 24), then magnum-opus RRR (January 7) to Bheemla Nayak (January 12). While this comes as a complete feast for the cinephiles, on the other side it comes as a tough choice for the Mega fans.

Wondering why it is a tough time? While things have returned to normalcy after the COVID, cinema lovers are yet to throng to theaters in full capacity. Due to COVID, people’s spending on entertainment is at an all-time low. Then is it possible for the Mega fans to catch all the four films of Mega heroes? Will they be able to divide their time and money?

And of the four releases, three are big films that need to thrive at cash registers to be in the profit zone. But with all the films getting released in one month, it would certainly be a rarity for Mega fans to watch all the films. Had it been a single Mega hero release, things would have been easy for Mega fans.

But given the aforementioned scenario with four films release in a month, Mega fans would certainly get divided by being picky. While the makers would have opted for the best possible release date, but now Mega fans play a crucial role. It is to be seen how these films would have run at the ticket window.