Why we call this TFI’s box office ruler a confused man? Every thing this man does gets enormous hype right away and he does not take much time to bring it down. It all started with a hand written press note that says Pawan will directly address media about his political interests. Later, wanted press meet ended up being a huge gathering of his party launch at Hitex amidst huge fan fare. Pawan didn’t let any one down with his high spirits but he left several questions unanswered which made us wait for his next speech curiously.

Before his second public event in Vizag, he traveled all the way to Ahmadabad and met Modi. As every one expected he pronounced his full support to Modi after his 30 minutes meeting. This sort of sent feelers to every one that he has become very serious about vote bank politics and his role in elections coming up shortly.

Here comes the big event in Vizag. Huge crowds turned out for the event to directly listen from Pawan on which direction they should walk in to cast their vote in next elections which is fast approaching. Pawan addressed the huge gathering with his usual attack on Congress party and how they played the foul game on bifurcation and announced his full support to Modi one more time. Here comes a huge shock, he clarifies that JSP will not be contesting in next elections because he is still looking for the right individuals which again made most people think that this man again made a decision in rush. Majority who watched Pawan’s speech felt confused with take home bullets from him. Few below.

1. Entire Congress crew is looking like pigs for Pawan but not his very own brother. Surprisingly he revealed, he had trust on Congress when his brother wanted to merge PRP, that is the reason he kept quiet about the merger.

2. If the entire JSP’s hullabaloo is all about motivating people to cast their vote against Congress..Where is the need for it? It is an open fact that Congress will not get deposits this time. Why does he need to form Jana Sena right before elections?

3. Support to Modi: What is the need to motivate youth to extend their support to Modi, when most of them are already chanting Namo mantra. And he doesn’t specify his terms about his local support but only supports Modi at central which does not give any direction to his supporters in Telangana or AP.

4. Last but not the least when says his single line agenda is against corruption, why he takes indirect reference on Jagan? He why could’t he talk about the corruption accusations on Jagan openly?

Now that Pawan clarified, JSP won’t contest in next elections he will be completely out of the radar in pivotal time of forming governments in newly formed states before and after elections. Also to his motto not for Power yet to Quesion, for him to question the newly formed governments he needs to sit tight for at-least an year or longer to find an opportunity to question them. What role will he play till then? Will he say pack up and go back to make up like Kavitha said?