‘Nakoncham tikkundi Kani daniko lekkundi” – you can’t help but think that nothing truer was ever written for a star than this dialogue for Pawan Kalyan. Because the way things functions with the star this is what immediately comes to one’s mind. Harish Shankar could indeed be a true Pawan Kalyan fan for coming with that after all. Well, let’s come to the point that made us think of this.

Pawan Kalyan has finally okayed script of Sampath Nandi. The film will be launched in a couple of day’s time, mostly on Friday February 21 morning. It will be produced by Sarath Marar as planned and will have music by Devi Sri Prasad. How does ‘Tikka-Lekka’ arises in this situation as everything seems normal, you may ask. Well the film that is about to be launched is not Gabbar Singh 2. This is reportedly a fresh script that has nothing to do with Gabbar Singh and won’t be a sequel to it, says sources.

After the super success of Rachcha, Sampath Nandi had many offers and he had readied few scripts keeping the expected opportunities. When the Pawan Kalyan offer was made to him, the director narrated what he thought was his best script which Pawan Kalyan had rejected. And from then onwards the director has been working on the storyline given by Pawan Kalyan which again has not satisfied Pawan Kalyan till now. As lot of time has been wasted it looks like Pawan Kalyan has decided to go ahead with the initially narrated script by Sampath Nandi itself with few changes and that’s how a film in their combination is going to sets now.

So, what do you think? Will this new film have the same hype as the Gabbar Singh 2 sequel? Share us your thoughts.