gopala gopala delayPawan Kalyan! Chanting the name itself gives goose bumps to his die-hard fans. And the thought of watching him in the role of Lord Krishna on big screen is like a dream come true for them. As expected Pawan amused them to core as Lord Krishna and a couple of scenes are going to leave a permanent mark in their minds. Till date we have been calling them Powerstar fans and from today they would be called ‘Pawan’s Devotees’

In one of the scenes, Pawan will be watching a scene from ‘Mayabazar’ movie where SV Ranga Rao as Ghatothgaja will be trying to lift the Lord, but in vain. Pawan Laughs watching the scene saying, ‘Is it so easy to make God to move?’ Then Venky tries the same on Pawan but fails to move him. Then Venky rememebers that Pawan (Lord Krishana) likes butter and when he shows the butter in the refrigerator, automatically The Lord (Pawan) gets up easily for butter. A great WOW from Powerstar fans for this scene.

In another scene, Venky goes to visit his wife (who is angry and moved away to her parents’ house) and son. Pawan drops Venky at home but Venky finds it difficult to jump the walls. Then Pawan gives his hands as lift, which helps Venky to jump to the other side to meet his wife and son. God extending his arms and Venky using Pawan’s hands to jump is definitely a scene for fans to celebrate on the demi god stature of their favourite star.