Pawan Kalyan was recently booked by the Indian Police under section 153-A for promoting enmity between groups. During the election campaign in Telangana, Pawan had taken on TRS party which mainly included KCR and other key family members of TRS head. Pawan made an allegation that Harish Rao has been involved in active business dealings with Seema Andhra political leader Botsa Satyanarayana and that he and his party provoke regional differences with their hate speeches in Telangana. Harish Rao took this seriously and filed a defamation case against Pawan Kalyan at a local police station in Nizamabad district and demanded that Pawan should tender unconditional apology through print and electronic media within two days.

Although it is quiet common to backtalk and even defaming political rivals during election campaigns, Harish Rao took every one by surprise by filing a legal case. Fans of Pawan have started spreading a video at social networking sites which shows Harish Rao abusing a police constable with unparliamentary words which went viral on web in the past. Pawan’s fans question the fact that if Harish Rao is so concerned about his public reputation, then why did he not apologize to the police constable publicly?