Pawan calls to ex-PRP’ians rises new speculations

Ex Praja Rajyam Party members (Thota Trimurthulu and Vanga Geeta) have today revealed that Pawan Kalyan has contacted them and discussed about the political atmosphere is the state today. They have not disclosed the extent or actual intent of the talk but have only revealed about the talk.

One among them Vanga Geetha said that she has not directly spoken to the actor but with people related to him. She said that they wanted to know the latest trend in the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh to keep updated. What this talk meant or other details regarding the political party and Pawan Kalyan’s role in it etc have not been known yet, she revealed.

Does this mean Pawan Kalyan is going to reassemble his Praja Rajyam team all over again? Do you think it would be a good idea?