pawan kalyan and chandrababu meetingSpecial Status is now a sentimental issue in Andhra Pradesh. People have arrived at a feeling that BJP has cheated them while opposition parties are trying to politicizing the issue to earn some political mileage. They are demanding that TDP should withdraw from the center and wage a war on the center.

The media posed a similar question to Pawan Kalyan asking why he is not agitating against the center. “I do not understand this concept. If we hit the roads and disrupt normal living, what is the loss to the center? They will say you do and you will suffer. How does that move the central government? We will decide what to do only when the center makes a final announcement on this issue”, Pawan Kalyan said.

This is almost a stand similar to that of Chandrababu Naidu. But due to the poor communication skills of TDP and team, the matter was not efficiently conveyed. Pawan Kalyan definitely helped Chandrababu in this issue.