Patience-Has-Dropped-in-People---Trivikram-SrinivasThere is a talk that Trivikram is gradually doing away with the punchlines and the rhyming meter he was adept at right from the beginning when he was only a writer. Explaining about this, Trivikram said that he stopped using punchlines and the rhyming meter long back when he observed that many others are also using them.

“The person who invented the word ‘punch’ and the person who called me ‘Maatala Maantrikudu’ are my enemies,” says Trivikram talking about the popularity of his punchlines. He clarifies that he never writes punchlines for the sake of including them. Those lines come to him as his spontaneous reactions to the content he writes. Many times, he refrains from touching certain ideas as the patience levels in people have come down and they are reacting to everything, according to the director.

He is never afraid of touching a certain subject if not for the dropping patience of the people. It’s understood that Trivikram is talking about the controversies and how people react to certain things in the name of ‘hurting the sentiments’. Nowadays, religion, language, social status, politics; anything and everything can hurt the sentiments of different sections of people. So, Trivikram’s point is valid. What say?