Relationships are essence of life and in every walk of life different relationships sprout out; some which can be defined and which can’t be defined. Likewise, there are parasites everywhere, which need not be the bio-parasites. Sometimes even human parasites feed on others’ achievements and in turn cause great harm. The same thing seems to be happening in TFI at present.

Top heroes Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan have achieved a status where they have turned into demi gods. Just taking their names is enough for their respective fans to experience goose bumps. Heroes like Nitin, Aadi and many others have used the name of Pawan and tried to attract the star hero’s fans. To some extent they have been successful because they didn’t over do their admiration for the hero.

But if one watched the latest promotional video of an upcoming movie ‘Kiraak’, both Pawan’s and Mahesh’s fans will be left pained how the makers have almost turned parasites damaging the image of the stars using masked dupes to speak in a nonsensical manner. The promotional video is more than 4 minutes and leaves one feeling disgusted at the sorry state affairs rampant in Tollywood, trying to feed on the popularity of top heroes without using much brains or real good work. Why feed on others’ popularity to such mean extent?