Palpably-Frustrated,-Koratala-Siva-Calls-Them---AnimalsDirector Koratala Siva, who is known to be an emotional and vocal guy, has again expressed his views without mincing words. It is related to the oft-repeated message regarding COVID-19 that is Stay-Home, Stay-Safe.

Koratala Siva took to social media to post a message lambasting the people who still don’t use the masks. He has said that there is no difference between us (those who don’t wear masks) and animals if one is still not using them. It is despite all that is happening around us.

The frustration and anger in the words of Koratala Siva are easily palpable. He pleads the people to wear the masks as they should be, i.e. covering the nose and mouth and not wearing it as a style statement around the neck. He also urged people to push the message severely to those who still don’t heed to it.

As we all are aware, the cases across the country are on a day by day raise. It isn’t going to stop anytime soon, and there is no clarity on the vaccine. Under these circumstances saying indoor and wearing a mask is the least one can do to keep one safe and others around them.

The message needs to be told loud and clear, no matter how repetitive it could feel. It is a simple yet critical thing that anyone can follow and be safe.