Paisa Vasool Title Song Promo - Taking The Excitement BackwardEver since Paisa Vasool was announced there has been an unsaid curiosity regarding the film. Quite simply, it is due to the combination of two contrasting and interesting personalities. But with more publicity material coming out is the excitement taking a backward trend?

The first look posters had mixed response, and people waited for the teaser. The teaser again had a similar response, and once again fans waited for the first song. Now, we have a glimpse of the first song, and it is again ordinary.

Overall the trajectory has been on a downward spiral. The excitement is diluting as we are getting more material. The theatrical trailer could be the deal breaker here for many. There is an audio function that is going to happen in two days, and the theatrical will be out then.

Paisa Vasool is going to release on September 1st. It will be a solo biggie arriving after some gap. A positively impactful theatrical will ensure big opening but if it is again on similar downward slope, audience, keeping the track record of Puri Jagannadh in mind, may develop the second opinion which could be harmful box office wise. Let us see how things pan out.