Balakrishna-NTR-Chandrababu-Naidu-EpisodeThe much-awaited Unstoppable Special episode of Balakrishna and Chandrababu Naidu is out. The episode has created a stir in Andhra Pradesh politics after Chandrababu opened up about NTR’s dethroning episode for the first time.

Both Balakrishna and Chandrababu turned visibly emotional while talking about the episode. Chandrababu narrated how he tried to avert the situation along with the family members but could not as NTR was under influence of an external force.

“His personal side dominated the leader in him for the first time. I don’t think you did any wrong. I am saying this as a Nandamuri family member, a party member, and also a citizen. The people also said the same with the votes in the subsequent election,” Balakrishna said.

“I thought it is more important to save NTR’s legacy and ideals at that time,” Chandrababu said.

It is interesting to note that both of them did not take the name of Lakshmi Parvathi despite the latter turning a bitter critic and a political rival to the family and TDP.

The show touched on some interesting episodes like Chandrababu’s early political days, marrying NTR’s daughter, bringing Microsoft to Hyderabad, the Alipiri attack, the 2004 defeat, etc. Lokesh also had a candid conversation about his defeat in Mangalagiri, the controversial photo with girls in a swimming pool, etc.

Aha team and Balakrishna tried to make the show as jovial as possible despite talking about serious politics. Chandrababu’s jokes on Balayya, Phone conversations with Brahmani and Bhuvaneshwari, Lokesh turning host to Balayya and Chandrababu, etc worked to evoke some smiles.

It’s an appreciable attempt by Aha to move a serious politician like Naidu and portray his other side.

Chandrababu Naidu speaking his heart out and being jovial is a treat for TDP supporters. The Neutral audience will also have a fresh vibe in the show seeing a serious politician like Naidu opening up.