RRR Paid Premiers Rajamouli NTR Ram CharanMultiple reports claim that Rajamouli’s magnum opus creation, RRR will have paid premieres in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. If that is the case, RRR will be the first mainstream Telugu biggie to have paid premieres in the twin Telugu states.

Well, as exciting as the prospect of paid premieres might sound, it has a fair deal of risk attached to it.

The hype and anticipation surrounding RRR are so very high that matching the same is not going to be an easy task. Notably, Rajamouli‘s previous magnum opus, Baahubali 1 garnered mixed word of mouth from the early morning shows in the Telugu states. But that doesn’t appear to be playing in Rajamouli’s mind now as he is said to be going ahead with the paid premieres for RRR prospect.

Rajamouli is a well-learned filmmaker. If at all he approved paid early premieres for RRR, it would be only be because he is so very confident about the output. Moreover, the idea of paid premieres would only be considered if the film has all bases covered.

The paid premieres not only serve as an extra bit of zest to the film’s box office returns, it also acts as the foundation for the opening day.

If RRR gets a unanimously positive response from the premieres, the film will register earth-shattering openings on its first day. Will that be the case? We will know the answer very soon.