Packed Evening Shows For Karthikeya 2Tollywood appears to have welcomed another box office success. Karthikeya 2, which released today has opened to decent reviews and it is also posting good occupancy.

Karthikeya 2 is reportedly running to packed evening shows and the film is holding the momentum now.

Karthikeya 2 is a suspense oriented action thriller. The film reported several houseful evening shows in Hyderabad.

After the success of Bimbisara and Sita Ramam earlier this month, Karthikeya 2 appears to be on course to box office success. The packed evening shows imply the same.

There are reports that the distributors are planning to increase the screen count as well.

It is safe to say that Tollywood has derived the much needed momentum this August with Bimbisara, Sita Ramam, and Karthikeya 2 now.