Paayal RajputPaayal Rajput is giving sleepless nights to the guys with her bold portrayal of the character in the current blockbuster ‘RX 100‘. She is one of the main attractions that is drawing the young crowds to the theatres and in making the movie a blockbuster.

With beautiful expressive eyes and that bold attitude, Paayal knows her strengths very well. Besides being a performer, Paayal’s overall simplicity is the main reason why she is attracting not only the guys but also whoever has seen her in the film, her pics and videos.

She reminds us of Hebah Patel when she got her blockbuster ‘Kumari 21F’. However, Hebah couldn’t continue the same craze. Paayal Rajput is also at the same juncture with a fresh blockbuster. How she will plan her career, especially, the choice of the roles and the banners she chooses to work with will decide her status in Tollywood.

#RX100 fever ….🖤 Fav song is here #pillara 🎼 #RX100

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