Paagal TeaserThe teaser of Vishwak Sen’s new outing Paagal is out. And just like the title of the movie suggests, it looks like a mad-mad love story.

The teaser starts on a predictable note, but it soon takes a crazy turn. The ‘craziness’ is what makes the difference as it gives the fresh appeal. It also goes well with the sort of persona that Vishwak Sen has built.

However, except for the lead’s character and his mad love for the girl and others, nothing else is known about the plot. It is good for now, and the final impression will be reserved for the trailer. We can expect clarity in the film then.

The music and cinematography give a colourful and fun vibe. Lucky Media who have in the past produced the successful movie Husharu are bringing Paagal. It is another venture targeting the youth. The teaser is on the mark.

Coming to the lead, Vishwak Sen, on whom the entire burden of the lies, well, he needs to be careful with his weight. There is nothing to complain otherwise, for the genre and terrain. The rest have been given no real space to register in the teaser, though.

Check out the teaser below. Naressh Kuppilli directs Paagal. Dil Raju presents the movie which hits the screens on April 30th, all over.