Will Allu Arjun face the fans?Is an overzealous Allu Arjun causing others in his camp and opposite camp anxious of him? Going by the way the summer has panned out Allu Arjun has surely become a cause of anxiousness everywhere.

Within the Mega camp his domination at the box office even after directly riling up fans is making everyone worried. It is as if he is in no need of those fans and it’s the other way around for fans, they have no other choice to support him to see Mega on top. The erratic nature of Pawan Kalyan and lazy attitude of Ram Charan clearly is taking a toll.

Outside the camp the actor’s overzealous promotional drive to establish him as a top star is rubbing other hero fans in wrong way. From Bunny’s collection updates to Malayalam exploits and the recent award fiasco (SIIMA Fake Votes) everything is making them restless. Now they have started trending #FakeStarAlluArjun on social media today to express their frustration. Perhaps a lesson or two from the Megastar on healthy “self-promotion” is the order of the day?

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