Telugu Fans USAIndians, and particularly Telugu people have a different way of watching big hero films in theaters. We see wild celebrations inside cinema halls in Telugu states. But the concerning thing here is the Telugu crowd is creating this unnecessary hungama in the USA.

It has become common for Telugu fans to go on wild celebratory campaigns in the USA ahead of a film’s release.

There are these rallies, celebrations outside and inside theaters, and confetti stuff. Recently in the case of Veera Simha Reddy, a theater management stopped the show over the uncontrollable ruckus by fans.

It is getting to the point where these overenthusiastic Telugu fans might be triggering a racist attack.

There’s already an underlying racism narrative against Indians in the USA. The natives are of the opinion that Indians are stealing their jobs and their money by feeding off US companies.

And needless to say, the gun culture is at large in the USA now with horrific gun crimes being reported almost every day. With the racism narrative and impending inflation, the situation is fragile.

At this time, the last thing Telugu folks need to be doing is going off on wild celebrations for big hero films, drawing unnecessary attention and also disturbing the US folk. This is alien-stuff to the USA folk and it needs to be understood that it will indeed leave many of them panicked as they wouldn’t have seen anything like this.

If these over-the-top celebrations trigger a racist gun attack at a cinema hall in the USA, it would be devastating for the entire Indian community.

We pray something like this doesn’t happen, but if it does, the cinema culture of Telugu folk in the US will take a deep nosedive. There could be far more severe consequences in case of an attack as well.

Well, all it takes is a frustrated psycho with a gun to be triggered by these acts by the Telugu folk at cinema halls. And given the nature of gun crimes in the US of late, you can’t bet against it.