Over 350 People Are Building KGF 2 Sets

Yash---KGF-2-Shooting-SetsThis year started with the success story of KGF Chapter 1 and the hero Yash was glorified to the skies for his performance. The director’s take on the story was the highlight along with the natural looking sets.

Well, the first part had huge sets built in Kolar and they have been the feasts to eyes for the audience and now that the second part is up, the director Prashant Neel is planning on bigger and better sets.

KGF 2 team has started off with the shooting work already and Yash too joined the sets recently. The construction of the sets have been started way long before the start of the shoot and we got some interesting update on the same. According to the sources, about 350 people are involved in building the sets of KGF 2 at three various locations.

Sivakumar is the art director of the film and we have seen his work in the first chapter. Now the second part is only going to be better and bigger as told by the director and they are working towards it very keenly to cope up with the expectations the first part set. Let’s see what is taking so long and so many men to build the sets of KGF 2 on the screen next year.

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