Suriya_AchaluduAfter impressing the audience with his ‘Rolex’ act in Vikram, talented actor, Suriya is now back with a full-fledged role in eccentric director Bala’s next film. The film is titled Vanangaan in Tamil, and its Telugu dubbed version is named Achaludu.

A few years back, filmmakers used to name the dubbed versions of Tamil films in chaste Telugu so as to connect with the local audience. Siva Puthrudu, Yamudu, Sikinder, Bandobast, to name a few.

But now the trend has changed. The makers are keeping the dubbed versions’ title the same as the original for better penetration into different markets. Beast, Master, and Valimai are recent examples.

But the makers of Suriya‘s latest are following the old trend and have named the film Achaludu. Most of today’s audience doesn’t know the meaning of the title. Some are also reading it as Abaludu due to the confusing font.

Overall the title of the film has created confusion instead of hype and curiosity, which is not what the makers might have expected.