'Our Film Is Not What Youth Search in Google in Night' - Babu Baga BusyThe makers of ‘Babu Baga Busy‘ are making it clear that their film is not a vulgar film. It’s not the favor of that obscenity that was taken as their concept, but the basic human nature and sexuality happen to be one of them.

Unlike the movies which many search in Google in the night, this movie doesn’t have vulgarity says, Avasarala Srinivas. They want us not to see the promotional material out of context as the same bold scenes wouldn’t look vulgar if they are seen in context.

The film has bold scenes but they aren’t used for cheap publicity or to fool the audiences to come to theaters. It’s an honest effort to talk about a person who is branded as a sex addict. The soul of the original Hindi movie ‘Hunter’ is retained but there is a slight change in the way the characters are presented explains the director Naveen Medaram.