sai-dharam-tejSai Tej’s ‘Prati Roju Pandage‘ with director Maruthi is coming soon and the pre-release event of the film was the biggest promotional event where the crucial cast and the technicians shared their views.

Speaking at the event Sai Tej talked about his flop films and Thaman’s music. Sai Tej observed that though the films for which Thaman scored music for him failed but their friendship remained the same. It was the debacle of the films and but not Thaman’s music.

As a friend, he wanted Thaman to be with him though there were some who said that Thaman’s combination with him didn’t work. Sai Tej struggled with half-a-dozen flops but ‘Chitralahari’ came as a respite.

He hopes that Prati Roju Pandage’ will be their successful movie going ahead. Sentiments aside, Thaman’s music was actually decent for Sai Tej’s earlier movies, only the scripts failed, mostly.