Dil RajuDil Raju is one of the most successful producers in Tollywood. He is someone who is considered to have a Midas touch when choosing his projects. The success of his films is also due to the fact that he always keeps their budget under check without going overboard.

His latest film, Varisu, after a decent run in theaters, is now being watched extensively on OTT platforms. Many are complaining that Dil Raju once again showed his stinginess when it comes to spending money on the film. There are a lot of scenes that were shot against a green mat, and the cheap VFX shots can be easily pointed out.

Dil Raju is producing Ram Charan’s next in the direction of Shankar. Charan fans are speculating whether Dil Raju has spent enough to make Shankar’s vision come true or this time also he has put budget limitations.

Ram Charan is a bigger star post RRR, and his fans expect to see world-class production values in his films. On top of that, if Shankar is the director, it’s natural for the fans to expect some never-before-seen technical wonders in the film.

But they are scared that Dil Raju might again play a spoilsport and would not provide enough budget to Shankar. They feel Dil Raju might again force Shankar to wrap up the movie like he wrapped up Varisu.