Allu Arjun Sukumar OTT TalkAllu Arjun‘s ambitious pan Indian project Pushpa has opened with the mixed talk in theaters and there was a so much last minute drama that went into release the film on time.

Once the film was released on OTT platform, several comments came out about the dull second half and especially the dull climax. But there is solid praise for Allu Arjun and some of the biggest names in the Hindi industry are praising his stellar performance in the film. Everyone who has got a chance to see the film now has the same thing to say.

During the theatrical release of the film also, several critics and audiences loved Allu Arjun’s performance and Sukumar’s work was not appreciated that much and said that the film did not have his mark on the scenes.

In a way, if not for Allu Arjun’s performance, Sukumar would have faced a tough time. He has realized this aspect quite quickly and says that the second part will be quite intense and surely be better than the first part. He has also wrapped up the scripting part for the sequel.

Whatever is said and done, Allu Arjun’s market has shot up like a hot cake and from now on, all his future films will carry high expectations.

In terms of Pushpa, he is the savior of the film and is getting the right recognition for it.