Big-Producer-Big-Heart-for-Producing-Small-Movie-'Uma-Maheshwara-Ugra-Roopasya'This statement coming from a big producer like Shobu Yarlagadda who made the mega movie ‘Baahubali’ means that it has got a lot of weight. Now OTT is ruling because there were no theatrical releases, they seem to be flourishing.

However, Shobu Yarlagadda thinks that even OTT players want the films to have a theatrical release because the buzz around the movie is going to help them, too. Besides creating enough buzz, they would also have the roll-over advantage.

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So, the OTT platforms don’t always want straight films with content as a film that has got good responses in the theatre will be a hot cake on the OTT platforms when it’s ready for streaming. As streaming partners, they do get the benefit while marketing the movie for a theatrical release.

Shobu Yarlagadda is one of the first producers who chose their films to go for a direct OTT release. ‘Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya’ opened to a unanimous positive talk and great appreciation for the artists and the technical team. It was a tough decision for him, back then.

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