Cirkus_OTT_Release_CringeThe OTT space is seeing a whole lot of bad content as Bollywood has been producing a big load of badly produced films. All these films are now getting threaded by the OTT crowd. Now, it’s the turn of Ranveer Singh’s Cirkus to face the heat.

Cirkus released towards the end of 2023 and it had a decent padding, including Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Rohit Shetty, Pooja Hegde, and others. It is now streaming on OTT.

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As expected, Cirkus has opened to disastrous reviews from the OTT crowd. They are blasting away the film and the cast and crew.

“Wonder how Ranveer okayed this crap of a script. Even by Rohit Shetty’s standards, it is a torturous film of epic proportion. I couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes” a Bollywood-following netizen commented.

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“There’s bad, there’s worse, then there’s unbearable, and then there’s Cirkus. Rohit has shown what he is capable of doing while working on his own and not ripping off a south film. This man deserves a patent for making the most senseless films in the country” another netizen commented.

It is clear that Cirkus has opened to utterly poor reviews on OTT. It was a humongous disaster at the box office, incurring huge losses, and now, on Netflix, it is going South with all the criticism from the OTT audience. Netizens have termed the “cringe max” film in recent times.

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