Other Heroes Considered for RRR Heroes!Everyone was asking as to why writer Vijayendra Prasad is not seen in the promotions of RRR. Finally, he made an entry to the promotions and interacted with the media.

When asked how RRR was born, Rajamouli’s father K.V. Vijayendra Prasad says that Rajamouli thought was to initially make a multi starrer. Then they started off the project without any names first and started developing the script.

Then after a few days, stars like Rajinikanth-Arjun, Suriya-Karthi and a few other combinations were thought of. But as they wanted two heroes who share a natural friendship and can sail with each other for two long years, Ram Charan and NTR were brought into the project, says Vijayendra Prasad.

On a general note, RRR would not have been an exciting project had Rajamouli roped in any of these combinations said above in comparison to Ram Charan and NTR. The younger and fittest stars make a huge difference to a project like RRR.

The presence of NTR and Ram Charan has given a real high for the film. Their star power of Rajamouli will bring in big crowds and the names of Charan and NTR’s name is an icing on the cake for RRR.