Rajamouli_OscarRRR has gone places where no Indian film ever could. It’s a raging blockbuster in the west and is one of all time biggest box office blockbusters(Indian) in Japan, which accredit its global fame and hype.

The Rajamouli directorial, staggeringly enough, is in contention for the Oscars now as Naatu Naatu was nominated in Best Song category.

With the Oscars in the horizon and RRR ever so close to the biggest glory, any demeaning comment on the film dampens the mood. Well, senior Tollywood personality Tammareddy Bharadwaj has done the same.

“RRR’s Oscars campaign costed Rs 80 crore. We could’ve done 10 small Telugu films in that budget” Tammareddy said.

This really is a silly and illogical argument. One might make 10 films in the budget spent on RRR’s Oscars campaign but these films might not even be heard outside of the Telugu states, let alone attaining hype globally.

To put that into perspective, a sachet of shampoo might cost Rs 1-2, but companies spend crores of rupees on advertising the same. Marketing is the key here. Sad to see seniors like Tammareddy not understanding simplest of logics and making such wild comments days before RRR’s Oscars run.

For instance, if Tammareddy himself somehow manages the financial resources and gets the chance to produce a film with Rajamouli, will he make a larger than life extravaganza or allot him Rs 10 crores budget?

The very fact that the likes of James Cameron and Steven Spielberg are in awe of RRR validates the monstrous magnitude of the NTR and Ram Charan starrer’s success. Any deterring comments can now be considered as attempts to grab attention.