Oscar is Manchu Lakshmi dream not targetManchu Lakshmi repeated it once again in a recent interview. Earlier she once told that it was her dream to win Oscar for her performance. For which, she was trolled heavily on social media, making fun of her dream.

Now, she explained her dream to win an Oscar, how it was her dream not her target because dreams have no time limit and so we can keep on dreaming about it till we achieve it. When she was a child she dreamt of holding Filmfare trophy in her hand.

Now that she has got Filmfare awards in her kitty. Now she is dreaming about Oscar. ‘Whether I win it or not is the point, it is important if at least I give it a try. That doesn’t mean I’m is going to send every movie to the nominations but it’s my dream and hence will give it a try’ says Lakshmi.