'Orange' girl shuns make-up for 'Pizza 2 -Villa'

Sanchita Shetty, who dolled up for her role in last film “Soodhu Kavvum”, has shunned make-up for her upcoming horror-thriller “Pizza 2: Villa”, which is getting ready for release in Telugu as well.

Sanchita said that since she played an imaginary character in ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, she got to wear a lot of colourful costumes and make up. However, it’s the exact opposite in ‘Pizza 2: Villa’, in which she plays a very responsible character and is mostly seen in salwar-kameez with no make-up.

In Deepan Chakravarthy-directed “Pizza 2: Villa”, she is paired with Ashok Selvan.
Said Sanchita that she plays a completely different role in ‘Pizza 2: Villa’. Her performance in the film is very refined vis-a-vis my last film. She also felt that It was challenging to change because people still connect with the her character name from her last film,” she added.

The transformation from a vivacious character to a reserved one was difficult, said Sanchita. She says there is a lot of expectation from the film because it carries the ‘Pizza’ franchise and with a role so different from my last one, she had to work very hard to pull it off in the film.