Sharath_Chandra_Anurag_Reddy_Chai_Bisket_ProducersWriter Padmabhushan starring Suhas, has been doing well at the box office. The film produced by Sharath and Anurag reddy of Chai Bisket fame got positive talk for its decent content and is running successfully not only in India but also in the USA.

Sharath Chandra and Anurag Reddy are MBA grads who understand the dynamics of Marketing. And this trait of theirs is visible throughout the promotional and marketing strategy of Writer Padma Bhushan.

Right from creating a buzz right from its teaser and trailer, organizing paid screenings before its release, and conducting events to reach out to the audience, the makers have done their job perfectly.

Yesterday, the makers implemented another clever strategy by screening free shows for women on the occasion of Women’s Day in a total of 38 theatres across the Telugu States. Their strategy worked out brilliantly, and women did flock to watch the film. This has helped to create more awareness about the film and also spread positive word-of-mouth.

Till now, all these small but effective ideas and strategies of Sharath and Anurag Reddy have worked in favor of their film. They have efficiently used their business knowledge in designing an efficient marketing campaign for Writer Padma Bhushan.