MM KeeravaniTeam RRR created history by winning the Best Original Song award for the hugely popular track Naatu Naatu at the Golden Globe Awards. It is also the first Asian song to win the honour.

Its composer, MM Keeravani, in his acceptance speech, thanked the RRR’s team and his family. Keeravani said, “Thank you very much Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this prestigious Golden Globe award. I am overwhelmed with this great moment happening and I am very happy to share this excitement with my wife, who is sitting right there.”

It was so cute of Keeravani to mention his wife’s name, Sri Valli, not once but thrice in his thanking speech.

It’s normal for a young star/celebrity to thank their spouse for impressing and winning brownie points during such events. But Keeravani and Sri Valli have been married for decades now, and still, Keeravani taking her name so many times put a smile on everyone’s face.

It was so heartwarming to see the couple share such love, warmth, and respect for each other and that too on such a big stage.