Director-RajamouliSS Rajamouli‘s RRR has secured nominations in the prestigious Golden Globes awards considered the next biggest awards in the West after the Oscars. Many believe these nominations may reflect in the Oscars as well.

While this is a moment of pride for everyone in the country, there are people who still cry about Rajamouli and his vision. The latest crying topic is Rajamouli’s comments on Kantara.

Rajamouli in an interview says that big budgets and stars are not required to make big collections at the box office and the mindsets of the producers and directors have to be changed.

These comments have triggered slugfest from the Edupu batch saying that it was Rajamouli who started spending a huge amount on sets, outsourcing VFX to foreign companies, taking more time in making films, and spending more on promotions.

They even say Rajamouli spoiled the mindsets of heroes and directors to increase the budgets. They even say films like Kantara are bigger hits than Baahubali and RRR in terms of Return on Investment.

With no disrespect to Kantara or Karthikeya 2, Rajamouli is not about getting lucky once. He is all about consistency to make it big and appeal to the Pan-India audience.

The budget, time, and perfection are needed for the scale of the films Rajamouli makes. Rajamouli does not take the same time and resources when he makes a Maryada Ramanna.

Each subject and hero demands a certain investment. Smart people like the makers of Hanu Man know that and stay grounded. It is not Rajamouli’s fault if people do not understand that and waste money.

Even Rajamouli does not fix up on a budget to make his next film. He is someone who can make a small film immediately after Mahesh Babu’s film. Rajamouli misguiding someone is senseless.

At the same time, he is also not someone who sits in leisure and worries about people who are green with jealousy of him and cook conspiracy theories to write hate stories about him.

Schooling Rajamouli about making films in the name of old-school methods like image, formula, high budget, and routine content is the height of ignorance and aging problems.

It is hard to imagine what happens to these armchair critics if RRR gets really nominated to the Oscars.

They say ‘Andhani Draksha Pullana’, Rajamouli is already sky-high for these people and one can imagine what happens to them in the future.

Joseph Reddy