Open Heart With RKABN – Andhrajyothy irrespective of its ranking position stays relevant in Telugu politics due to the anti-government stand for both the Telugu States. The Weekend Comment by RK and Open Heart With RK are the two most popular programs of the channel.

While Weekend Commend is still very popular, it’s been a while Open Heart By RK Telecast has stopped. The old interview videos are still very popular on YouTube. But then, the Channel is gearing up for a new season of the popular chat show.

The exact start date is still not known but the channel says it is coming soon. The media house started airing Coming Soon ads. It will be very interesting to see how the program will be relevant with the Ruling Party politicians unlikely to attend the program for obvious reasons.

Besides politics, the film industry related Guests will also be interesting to look forward. Not very often film celebrities get to face questions on their face.