The stage was set. Dreaming, beautiful Kajal Agarwal was feeling all elated for being a part of an audio launch function of a small budget movie. In fact she might be congrajulating herself for promoting a small film imagining that she is being a part of a causes to encourage small cinema like Sri Sri lines ‘Nenu Saitam Prapanchaagniki samida nokkati aahutichaanu’. Back to reality Kajal Agarwal found herself in the audio launch event of a small budget movie ‘Pichekista’.

Looking at the promotional posters of the film on the stage, Kajal’s day dreaming came to an abrupt end. The posters and trailers of ‘Pichekista’ reminds one of the indecent content of Maruti brand films. Though she was sporting a floral top paired up with pencil cut jeans, nothing was really rosy for the actress at Prasad Labs that evening. Diplomatic Kajal spoke very intelligently on her commitment to promote small films and opined that there is no difference between small and big films. In that case, will Kajal happily sign a small film at this point of her career? Chances almost zero. Don’t you too think so?