Oopiri impact on Sardaar Gabbar Singh‘Oopiri’ out today and very soon ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is going for a release on 8th April. There is a two weeks distance between the two releases. However a peculiar kind of comparison is obvious between the two regarding the Overseas markets.

Overseas audiences always encouraged fresh concepts and some films which didn’t do well in domestic markets have done well in Overseas. Coming to Sardaar Gabbar Singh, it is heavily promoted in Overseas and reportedly is sold out for high price. But the promos suggest that it is a mashup of some old movies.

The comparison between Oopiri and SGS is related to the concepts. There will be obvious comparisons by the overseas audiences who are breathing fresh with ‘Oopiri’. They have welcomed this sensible script, like it is welcomed in domestic market even.

An out and out commercial film coming right after a sensible film like ‘Oopriri’ is a tricky kind of situation in the Overseas market. Will there be any impact of ‘Oopiri’ on Pawan Kalyan’s ‘SGS’? Let’s wait and see.