Oopiri ahead of Manam but below soggade chinni nayanaOopiri has opened to stunning reviews critically and word of mouth is fantastic. We have already had a look at how it is positively effecting the collections in US. Is this the same case in the two Telugu states as well?

Well, let’s just say signs are positive but not as superlative as it is in US. Oopiri had opened on slow note yesterday but it picked up courtesy the holiday of Good Friday. Overall it has finished the day on a good note. The first day collections of the film are higher than Manam which released two years ago but they are lower than Soggade Chinni Nayana which released earlier in the year.

If Oopiri could repeat the trajectory of Manam it could finally end up collecting higher than Manam in totality thanks to the initial advantage. But trade is cautious as the film is not as good in smaller centers as it is bigger A and B centers. A real picture would emerge from the trend in weekdays.