NTR_Crying_sceneIndian cinema is filled with big superstars but there are only a few who can also act and yet carry the superstar tag. One such actor, who needs no introduction when it comes to performance is Kamal Haasan.

In Telugu, Jr NTR is also considered one of the finest actors of this generation. NTR’s acting prowess was last seen in Rajamouli’s RRR where the star hero played Bheem.

Now, one of the noted Tamil directors, Kanmani has praised NTR to the sky. In one of his interviews, Kanmani says that there are only two actors in the south who can cry perfectly in close-up shots.

Kanmani says that after Kamal Haasan, it is only NTR who can cry on close-up shots. Other actors cannot hold the shot for more time and after a point, their crying looks fake but NTR can do it with ease and that is the reason he is one of the top actors in the country.